I'm a creative and passionate
Software Engineer based in
polish Silicon Forest


Kamil Kuryś

and I'm a .NET based full stack software engineer located in Białystok, Poland with nearly 6 years of commercial experience, mostly focused on Sitecore and Azure.

Master of Science in Computer Science, owner of a bag of Microsoft and Sitecore certifications incl. MCSD, Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

Senior .NET / Azure Engineer @ PossibilIT - part of 4NG

Years of experience
Big projects worked on

What I Do

Being a full stack includes..


Being proficient working with backend .NET web tech stack (.NET MVC, .NET Core) with CMS (Umbraco, Sitecore). Familiar with other languages and not afraid of learning new ones as needed.


Understanding what DevOps culture is & actively trying to incorporate it in work environments. Being familiar and up to speed with Azure DevOps and other CI/CD tooling.


Having in-depth understanding of underlying data structures, time and memory complexities of common algorithms and using that knowledge to provide cost efficient solutions.


Being familiar and confident with plain JavaScript, old libraries like jQuery as well as modern JavaScript frameworks such as Vue.js, React.js and Angular.


Having fundamental knowledge of how does the data gets transferred over the wire & is interpreted by modern web browsers.

SEO & Analytics

Having knowledge of the most important topics around getting visible in the search engines as well as basics of tracking tools configuration i.e. Google Analytics and Google 360


Do or do not - there is no try


What my colleagues say about me..

Kamil's knowledge and passion for doing things to the best of his ability was clear instantly. Not only is he a fantastic developer and fast worker, but he takes the time to make sure we are taking the right approach, doing things 'properly' and uses lateral thinking to come up with solutions to what initially appear to be difficult problems.

Rianna Fernandez's image
Rianna Fernandez Senior Digital Product Owner

Kamil is a very experienced software developer who's constantly learning and improves his technical and soft skills - I do not have any doubts that he can easily join any team and deliver even the most complex tasks. I would really like to see him in my every team as a very valuable team member.

Lukasz Skowronski's image
Łukasz Skowroński Sitecore MVP 2017-2022

Kamil is a high class professional with extensive knowledge and experience in many areas of IT. He is always focused on delivering best solutions that are technically superior, efficient and reliable. It was a real pleasure to cooperate with Kamil and I hope we will be able to work together again.

Pawel Strzyz's image
Paweł Strzyż Senior Business Analyst

Kamil’s talent as a software engineer made him a valuable member of our team. He was always able to successfully complete any tasks with favourable results despite deadline pressure. Proactive, ambitious, committed and a broad-minded perfectionist. Certainly Kamil is the person I'd want to to have on my team.

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Izabela Włodarska Sitecore Technical Lead

Kamil was always willing to take on any tasks to help the team meet their delivery goals. Combining great commitment, deep technical background and excellent communication skills make him a great member of any team. Without a doubt, I would be very pleased to work with him in the future.

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Marcin Kuźma Senior Software Engineer


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